Drug-Sniffing Dogs to Search My Teen's Room? Sign Me Up!

teens and dogDid you know that if you were really worried about whether or not your teen might be on drugs, you can do more than threaten them and pray to God that they don’t overdose? Good news, right? Because in the past those were basically the only two options parents had.

But now, there is a service available for hire; a handler can now bring their drug-sniffing dog to your home and search for the scent of illegal drugs. Sound crazy? It's not. Parents are REALLY doing this.


I kind of get it, too. I’m not the "wait and see" type of mom myself. I’ve got a little too much helicopter in me to wait around for my kid to OD to not swoop in and save them. I’d like to stop them from making the stupid mistake in the first place. Sometimes we’ve got to save them from themselves. And hey, if that means letting the dogs out, so be it.

The truth is, I would do whatever it took to make sure my child was safe, including invading their privacy and even breaching our trust. That's my job. After all, given the choice between my daughter dying or being pissed at me, I’ll take the latter.

Of course, I would do it behind their back. If they were clean, they would never need to know I questioned them, and if not, well then, at least we are all on the same page.

I still remember my teen years and I did a lot of dangerous stuff. I wasn’t scared then. It was exhilarating and I felt invincible, but now I know better. I don’t want to raise kids who are afraid to experience life and have fun, but I want them to be cautious in some areas. So I will teach them the best I can, allow them to experience as much as life as they can, but at the same time, I will be there behind the scenes to give gentle nudges in the right direction. If that means a drug-sniffing dog, then so be it. I’m in.

I think of it as proactive parenting.

Would you bring a drug-sniffing dog in to search your house if you suspected that your child might be indulging in drug use?

Image via a4gpa/Flickr

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