12 Stupidest Things Teenagers Did in 2012

stupidI hate to say it, but sometimes I look at American teenagers, and I'm afraid for the future. Did you catch all of them whining on Twitter this week about the gifts they didn't get for Christmas? Sadly, that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Teenagers got up to some seriously crazy shenanigans in 2012. From inhaling bizarre chemicals to get high to faking their own kidnapping, the best thing that can be said about this list is ... thank GOD that's not my kid. Behold:


1. The Cinnamon Challenge -- If swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon in less than a minute doesn't sound exactly pleasant, you're right. It's painful, sometimes even deadly, and yet it was all teens could talk about doing earlier this year in attempts to become -- what else -- the latest viral YouTube star. We prefer our cinnamon mixed with sugar and sprinkled on toast, but thanks kids.

2. The Yearbook Photo That Can't Be Unseen -- Making faces in your school photo is one thing, but what can we really say about the boy who exposed his, ahem, junk in the photo of the school news team other than ... what an IDIOT! The naughty picture somehow made it into the yearbook unnoticed, rendering this year's copy of the yearbook for Mother Teresa High School completely NSFW.

3. Angus T. Jones' Crazy Rant -- The child star was a name few knew -- despite his status as the best paid kid on TV -- until he went all crazy for cocoa puffs and actually told the world not to watch Two and Half Men because it was evil. That wouldn't be such a big deal, of course, if that wasn't the show that has made him rich!

4. Dusting -- Stranger even than the cinnamon challenge is kids' newfound affinity for inhaling computer dust cleaner. And yes, it's just as dangerous.

5. Fantasy Slut League -- What's more disturbing than a list of sexual conquests? A list created by a group of teenage boys already completely lacking in respect for their female peers.

6. Licking NYC Subway Rail -- If there was one moment that made me most want to wash my mouth out with bleach, it was this one: a kid not only licked a NYC subway rail, but he did it for a whopping DOLLAR! I'd have held out for a Benjamin ... at least.

6. Faked Her Own Kidnapping -- Maybe Kara Alongi was watching too many bad movies, but she really needed to think through Tweeting that there was an intruder in her house and then making herself scarce. The whole mess backfired big time (surprise, surprise).

7. Sneaking Out to See Her Boyfriend -- Not so crazy? It is when you consider the teen was 13, and she DROVE 700 miles before being stopped by cops!

8. Justin Bieber's Potty Mouth -- The mom who told off the Biebs for swearing in front of little kids gets a big thumbs up from us. Youth is no excuse to be a jerk in public.

9. Salt and Ice Challenge -- Want some life-long scars? Then by all means, let your buddies put ice on your bare skin and pour salt on it ... then wait as long as possible while it burns the crap out of you.

10. Drinking Hand Sanitizer -- Is there anything about the bottle of stuff you use to clean your hands that makes you think, "Hmm, let's take a sip"? No? If only kids had your common sense ...

11. Skywalking -- Nope, it has nothing to do with Luke and Leia, and everything to do with kids climbing to great heights and risking their lives ... all for a stupid photo.

12. Living on Chicken Nuggets -- Think your kid is bad because he won't eat broccoli? How about parenting the girl who eats nothing but chicken nuggets?

Are you afraid for the future too?


Image via jbracken/Flickr

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