10 Stocking Stuffers Under $10 Perfect for Teens

Emily Abbate | Dec 11, 2012 Tweens & Teens

iPhone Pop-In Friend charm stocking stuffer ideaWhen it comes to Christmas stockings, filling them up can be a hassle. Sure, it's easy to stuff the whole thing chock-full of seasonal candy, but then you'll have your kids running around and crashing on you mid-holiday gathering and, also, kids who secretly hate you for not giving them "good stuff." As if the load of overpriced presents you spent Black Friday fighting for aren't good enough.

Save yourself the headache of getting your kids a whole bunch of junk they don't really want or need. Instead, here are 10 super cool ideas for your teen's stockings (and best of all, each one is under $10):

What do you put in your teenager's Christmas stocking?


  • Birthday Cake Nail Polish


    Birthday Cake Nail Polish, $8.75

    What teenage girl doesn't love painting her nails? Throw some funfetti into the picture, and you have an instantly awesome stocking stuffer.

  • Rude Little Black Book


    Rude Little Black Book: $9.99

    Listen, I would never encourage violence in your household. Give your angsty teen this gift, and maybe they'll take out their school frustrations on paper instead of in the principal's office.

  • Reindeer Fun Socks


    Reindeer Fun Socks: $8.50

    Fuzzy warm socks are always a winning buy. Yeah, at the time your teen may think they're slightly lame, but you won't hear them complaining when their tootsies are all nice and warm all winter.

  • Festive Air Freshener


    Car Jar: $2.99

    Every young driver on your list will love this. These make great additions for other small spaces too, like closets or cubicles for that spring semester internship.

  • Knitting Necessities


    Yarn: $2.79

    I know, I know, yarn?! What kind of Grinch am I? Trust me, even the teen in your life will like taking on the challenge of making something from scratch. Just make sure to buy them an instruction book (my personal fave is Stitch 'N Bitch) to help them through the hard stuff.

  • Tasty Lip Balm




    Lip Balm 3 Pack: $6

    What's not to love about these three wacky lip balms? Bacon? Yes, please.

  • Turquoise Mustache Gloves


    Turquoise Mustache Gloves, $6

    I don't really know why kids these days are obsessed with this mustache trend, but they are. I have NO doubt the teen in your life will think these mustache gloves are totally rad.

  • Faux Mustaches


    Faux Mustaches: $8.99

    Again with the mustache trend. Complete with six fancy staches, your kiddo can channel their inner Hulk Hogan and say hello to plenty of costumed fun.

  • iPhone Charm


    Pop-In Friend iPhone Charm: $6

    This is one of those silly little things that kids love to have. The mini plastic charms plug into the headphone jack on your standard iPhone or iPod touch, and they come in a whole bunch of other shapes including a cheesburger, panda, owl, or dinosaur.


  • Zip ID Case


    Zip ID Case: $6 to $12

    I had one of these back in college and I absolutely loved it. Snag this for the student in your life and maybe they'll be a little less likely to lose their important belongings.

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