15 Totally Cool Gifts for Teens Under $20

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Some people think teens are tough to shop for, but I completely disagree. Wanna know why? Because teens love STUFF. Any stuff, all stuff, lots and lots of stuff. Of course, it has to be cool stuff -- unless one wants to be forever known as the lamest gift-giver ever. "Yeah, and then my mom gave me socks. Socks for Christmas!! FAIL." So just in case parents are not sure which stuff is cool stuff and which stuff is lame stuff, we've put together a list of 15 awesome and affordable gifts for teens.


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Thinking about buying a teen something tasteful and practical? THINK AGAIN. Unless it has an animal face on it or can connect to their iPhone, teens don't want to hear about practical gifts. Which would be fine, except that it's hard to know as a mother what is cool and what is so lame that even a teen wouldn't touch it. But have no fear! We did a little sleuthing and found some gifts that any teen would love come Christmastime. Not only that, but all the gifts we've found are under $20! So no need to blow the budget buying them the latest Xbox or Playstation.

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Read on to see which gifts we think a teen will really dig ... do teens still say "dig" anymore? Anyway, break out the giftwrap and take a look at these great gifts for a teenager that are all under $20.

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