Student Exposes Himself in Yearbook Photo & It's Too Late to Change It

ballsThere's really no creative introduction sentence that will do this justice, so I'm just going to say it: A teen intentionally exposed his balls in a group photo that went into his high school yearbook. He was a senior who attended Mother Teresa High School in Ontario, Canada and the photo was of him and the school's news team. The picture went unnoticed ... until the school had finished printing all of the copies, and handed out a good chunk of them.

The craziest part? Dude set the whole thing up so he can't get punished. This kid's nuts!


By the time anybody noticed what had happened, the student had already graduated. I mean, think what you want of this, but you have to give the kid credit -- this is one well-executed prank. School officials are obviously pissed, but there really isn't much they can do. The fix they came up with was to photoshop a ball-less version of the photo, and offer it as a sticker to cover up the original photo. They say they're working to come up with "an appropriate punishment" for the ballsy student, but really -- what can they do at this point?

I admit. I think this is funny. Like, really funny. It reminds me of something Jonah from Summer Heights High would do. And, really, if you see the photo, the balls are super hard to make out. If this wasn't brought to the attention of everyone, most probably wouldn't notice. That said, though, this isn't my kid. If it was, I'm sure I'd have a very different opinion. I mean, no one wants their teen exposing themselves in their yearbook. Not only is it vulgar, it's actually something that could wind up biting him in the ass one day. (I presume he has no intentions of running for office?)

Still, though. It's really funny.

What would you do if this were your kid?

Image via fastjel/Flickr

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