Overprotective Dad Who Threatens to Beat Up Daughter's Schoolmates With a Chain Makes Me Swoon

There is something primal in me that thrills to this story -- though I'm not proud of it. An overprotective dad reportedly showed up at his daughter's high school threatening to beat up students and staff, swinging a chain, and demanding, "Who's f --ing my daughter?!" The reason for this display of nutismo machismo? According to him, his daughter had begun smoking pot, wasn't listening to him anymore, and he was worried she'd joined a gang.

Swoon. I wonder if this guy is single? I keed, I keed. I'm not into the chain-swinging type. But there's something about a dad fiercely wanting to protect his daughter -- even if he does it in the most craptastically dumb way possible -- that I just love.


After his he-man scene at school, 35-year-old father Michael Canaii was arrested. Look, you can't just have a grown man charging into a high school with a weapon and threatening to beat everyone up because he's worried about his kid. My mind is like, Right! Bad dad! But my uterus is like, Awwww. Sweet.

Maybe it's because I grew up with an absentee father who never showed much interest in protecting me. And if he did, it certainly wouldn't be with a chain. He's a brainy type who went to Ivy League schools. Hey, nothing wrong with rational discourse. But there's some deep-seated part of me that would just once like if a guy beat his chest and came to my rescue. Realistically, I know I'm on my own. And that's the way it should be. But ... but ... can I have Michael as my daddy for one day?

We hear a lot about dads who aren't around or don't care. So at least this one cared. He just has to figure out a more acceptable way of showing it. Or he'll end up in prison and won't be able to show up at all. But he should never lose that fierce love. Sigh.

What do you think of this enraged dad?


Image via MemeKiller/Flickr

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