Mean Girls Take Revolting Revenge by Peeing in Fellow Students’ Cupcakes (VIDEO)

pee cupcakeWhen it comes to high school kids playing mean jokes on each other, I generally assume boys are behind any super gross-out stunts involving bodily fluids in unexpected places (in my experience, girls skip the silly tricks and go straight for permanent reputation damage). But the prank allegedly pulled by two girls at Fermi High School in Enfield, CT, was disgusting enough to impress the ickiest of adolescent males ... even if it was made of sugar and spice and (almost) everything nice.


Here's what supposedly happened: One day, the yucky young ladies showed up at school with a batch of homemade cupcakes. Hooray, free cupcakes for everybody! Except not everybody. Bet you're thinking those mean girls only gave cupcakes to their BFFs (or whatever they're called now), right? Interestingly, the opposite is (maybe) true: Students are accusing the girls of handing out cupcakes exclusively to people they don't like. Why? Because they PEED IN THE CUPCAKE BATTER, that's why!!! They're pee! The cupcakes are peeee!!!

Ewwwww. A nasty trick, to be sure. But how did anyone find out? Well, apparently the girls, erupting with fiendish glee, ended up telling one other person about their secret recipe. Of course that person told one person who told another person who told another, yada yada yada, and all the kids who ate the cupcakes freaked out, and now the two girls are in serious trouble with Enfield Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Schumann (who says this was "one of the more disturbing incidents he's seen").

Personally, I wonder if they even did the peed deed. Wouldn't telling people you took a whiz in their cupcakes be just as bad as actually taking a whiz in their cupcakes? Why squat over a mixing bowl if you don't absolutely have to? 

(And if they did squat over any kitchenware, as a mom, I hope to god they at least rinsed the bowls and spoons with REALLY hot water before they put them in the dishwasher.)

Anyway, it's worth noting that while lots of kids complained about "feeling sick" AFTER they found out what was in the cupcakes, not one person required medical attention.

I guess some disciplinary action must be taken either way. Maybe they should clean the school's bathrooms for a week?

What would you do if your kid was accused of pulling a disgusting prank like this?

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