Girl Fakes Grand Canyon Fall to Prank Mom (PHOTO)

grand canyon prankHere's a child-rearing quandary you won't find covered in the standard parenting handbook: How to react when your kid does something that's equal parts really clever and really obnoxious. Praise? Punish? Pass out from shock and then pretend you forgot about the whole thing? This type of precocious prank is pretty much defined by a photo recently posted online by a teen girl on her first visit to the Grand Canyon ... with the following caption:

"Mom was worried about my trip to the Grand Canyon, I sent her this picture."

Gah!! See what I mean? The kid's poor mother probably went from screaming to laughing to crying to fuming in under 30 seconds when she saw this pic.


Now, it's not entirely clear whether this image was photoshopped or if the girl was standing on an unseen ledge or what, but since we know she lived to post it on the internet, it's obviously a fake. So any terror her mother felt was (hopefully) short-lived. But still. Assuming it wasn't photoshopped, this is a joke that could have easily gone from funny to fatal in the blink of an eye. I mean, it's not like plenty of people DON'T die from falling into the Grand Canyon every year (in case you've never been, there aren't really any guardrails). This girl is lucky she didn't end up joining their ranks. Plus, how about some respect for those who really did lose their lives in this terrifying manner?

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Anyway, I've been trying to figure out what I would do if one of my kids pulled this prank on me, and I think I would basically tell them everything I just typed in the above paragraph, except I would probably be yelling the words.

Unfortunately, I think they would basically roll their eyes at me and say something like "Yeah, but I didn't fall, so whatever."

At which point I would ... toss back a few more fast-melting ibuprofen gelcaps? Sigh in exasperation? What do you think?

Is it impossible to convince teens they're NOT immortal?


Image via imgur

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