Colleges Create 'Gun Dorms' So Students Can Bring Their Weapons to School

gunSo their SAT scores are in. The college visits are done. Now it's time to start whittling down your teenager's choices. There's the college that offers to let them get their four-year degree over with in three years. And then there's the college that offers your kid the chance to bring their gun to school! Yes, gun dorms are the latest thing giving empty nesting parents agita.


Because nothing screams safety like combining the potential for drunken frat parties with firearms, does it? Over-reacting? Maybe. Then again ... maybe not.

The gun dorms proposal popped up at the University of Colorado recently, where there so far not a single student has applied. That could be because none of the kids actually has a concealed weapon permit -- the condition for getting a spot in one of these dormitories. Or maybe none of their parents are gung-ho on sending their kids to school with a gun?

I recognize that concealed weapon permits are generally handed out only to adults. I recognize too that, under the law, most college students are adults.

But I also remember college.

Even at a so-called "nerd school," it was like living in a state of extended childhood, legal age of most students be darned. Everywhere you turned, people were drinking. Everywhere you turned, people were carrying on like they hadn't a care in the world. And many didn't. They didn't have bills to pay. They didn't have much to do beyond attending a few classes and doing some homework. College was like high school with more free time and less parental oversight.

And now we want to add guns to that equation? I don't think so!

Parents have enough to worry about sending their kids out into that sort of environment knowing that most young adults screw up because that's what happens as you're growing up. I think we can hold off on adding guns to the mix.

How about you? Would you send your child to a school where guns were acceptable on campus?


Image via iluvcocacola/Flickr

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