8th Grade Girl With Mad Math Skillz Predicts Obama Win With 100 Percent Accuracy

ballotWhen I was an eighth-grader in Virginia, I think my crowning achievement was trading a Sunny-D for a Sprite at lunch time. Sophia McCrimmon, on the other hand, will have a different story to tell. An eighth-grader at Chickahominy Middle School in Mechanicsville, Va., she's done way more than just upgrade her nooner beverage. Believe it or not, Sophia predicted the election down to a T. Miss McCrimmon entered the In the Loop Presidential Election Contest on September 14, weeks before Obama even had a chance to blow the first debate, and predicted that the incumbent would win "every state he won in 2008 except for North Carolina and Indiana," and that he'd get 332 electoral votes.

Guess what?


Sophia was right. Not only was she right, but she was right before anyone else was thinking about whether or not it was too early to tell anything. She was right before the other, much older (and allegedly wiser) contestants entered their predictions in the competition, and she was, in fact, right before famed New York Times political analyst Nate Silver.

Take that, Washington elitists.

Sounds like you don't have to have a degree in economics nor be a psephologist to put two and two together, minus North Carolina and Indiana, to come up with a solid, if not 100 percent accurate, prediction.

Sounds like you just have to be a common-sense 13-year-old with a penchant for numbers and a little self-confidence. To anyone who still thinks girls are bad at math, that they don't have political minds, take a look at calm, cool, and collected Sophia. While you were enjoying the last few days of summer, she was all, wham, bam, Obama, man, and beat everyone else to the punch.

Perhaps in 2016, the meme of the election should be Keep Calm and Trust Sophia McCrimmon.

What do you think?


Photo via JamieSanford/Flickr

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