Computer Cleaning Product Is Teens' Latest Drug of Choice

computer dust cleanerIf there's anything that will give you pause about the future of humanity, how about the news that teens are putting themselves in danger by "dusting" to get high? And by dusting, I mean inhaling computer dust cleaner. And if you're asking yourself why anyone would do something so stupid, let's clear it right now. For the same reason teenagers do any of the other lame-brained things we media types warn you about: because they're idiots to get high.

Parents, I think we need to talk. Sure, you think your little snowflake is destined for the big leagues. But this little trend does not exactly scream "bright future."


Who in their right mind actually looks at a can of stuff that's used to shoot crumbs and cat hair out of your laptop keyboard and says, "Hmm, I think I'll suck that into my lungs today. As much of it as possible!"

The warnings from the National Institute on Drug Abuse say it's mostly eighth graders. But I'll get more specific than that. I'm betting it's kids with zero common sense. And by that, I mean whose parents haven't taught them that if it's not intended to be ingested -- or inhaled -- it shouldn't be.

Just this week we shared the story of a mom who insisted trees needed to be removed from an elementary school because kids with nut allergies might eat the acorns and suffer some reaction. My suggestion was to actually teach your kids not to eat acorns.

I have to say that stands here too. Maybe you think you only have to talk to your kids about the hard drugs, the illegal stuff like marijuana or heroin. But you need to talk about all the quick highs too. The dusting, the huffing.

We can get all worried about what dusting will do to our kids -- which includes irreparably damaging the heart and sometimes killing them, by the way -- or we could stop raising kids who think it's OK to do things like this. I don't care what you have to do. If you have to scare the every living crap out of them with all the details of what could go wrong if you use these things to get high, so be it.

But please, don't be the parent raising the kid who looks at common everyday items as the next potential high. It doesn't say a lot about the fate of society.

Have you talked to your kids about these kinds of quick highs?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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