Young Hurricane Sandy Victims Parody Taylor Swift in Catchy Song About Life Without Electricity (VIDEO)

Perota SistersHurricane Sandy has taken a lot from the people of New York and New Jersey. But two teenagers from Long Island have refused to let the devastating storm take the fun out of life. Lianna and Jillian Perota bundled up in their winter coats, flicked on a flashlight, and turned Taylor Swift's hit song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" into a parody about life without power.

Uploaded late last week to the girls' YouTube account,  PerotaSisters, it's no surprise "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Our Power" has gone viral. These kids' silly song is the pitch perfect way to complain: not whiny or mean, and just funny enough to boost people's spirits. Take a look:



Leave it to a couple kids to figure out that throwing a big hissy isn't going to make it so the crews who have descended on the mid-Atlantic will miraculously get the job done overnight. The lyrics are clever and somewhat pointed at the Long Island Power Authority, but they remain polite and pretty positive. And it's catchy!

Credit goes to their parents for raising two kids who didn't let the power outage snuff out their creativity. It's hard enough keeping your spirits up in tough times when you're an adult. Just think how hard it is for kids who are still developing their coping skills. Good news, by the way, the girls' power is back thanks to one of the many crews of out-of-state workers who have descended on Long Island.

Do your kids have a tough time when the power goes out for a few days? Think they'd be clever enough to create something like "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Our Power"?


Image via PerotaSisters/YouTube

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