Popular High School Boys Make It Their Mission to Protect Bullied Special Needs Girl

We hear a lot about teens bullying each other so it’s nice to hear about some teen boys -- football players no less -- doing the opposite. A 16-year-old girl named Chy Johnson was an easy target at her Arizona high school. A brain disorder causes the teen to speak haltingly and she doesn’t have the social skills needed to climb the clique hierarchy. Bullying was unfortunately a daily and horrific part of her life. Some kids even threw trash at her. But then something extraordinary happened.


Chy’s mother, Elizabeth, decided to contact a family friend -- who happened to be the high school football team's starting quarterback, Carson Jones. She told Carson that Chy had been having some issues at school and asked for the names of students who’d been taunting her. You’d think that Carson -- a star of his undefeated football team and the school's Mr. Big -- would have shrugged this off. Instead, Carson got Chy at lunch and took her over to his table. Now, if you remember high school at all, you know that the lunch table -- just like in the movie Mean Girls -- is all important. Where you sit is who you are. So you can imagine Chy’s surprise to suddenly be elevated to sitting at the cool kids’ table. She’s been eating there ever since.

Other members of the Queen Creek Bulldogs football team also decided to take Chy under their wing, and look out for her during the day. You can bet the bullying stopped right quick after that. Carson humbled guess as to why that happened is that other the bullies had “seen her with us or something” and weren’t going to mess with her anymore. All of which proves that bullies aren’t so tough. They seek out those weaker than themselves.

Carson's teammate, Tucker Workman, adds: "We’re doing good and everything for us is going well but someone else needs to feel good, too." Wow! Teen boys who are doing well in life and want that for other kids as well. Maybe the world isn't going to crap after all!

Chy's mother's tactic of approaching a popular kid at school whom she thought might be sympathetic to her daughter’s plight ended up being brilliant. And Carson and his equally empathetic friends deserve kudos. These kids are truly going to go somewhere good in life -- not because of their athleticism, but because of their humanity. Maybe high schools could start a program like this? Good kids who are strong and popular protect the bullied and oppressed? These teens should really give us all hope for the future.

What do you think of these young men?


Image via KOMU News/Flickr

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