Teens Who Bullied Felicia Garcia To Death for Having Sex Should Be Punished

crime tapeWhere is the justice for Felicia Garcia? The 15-year-old Staten Island girl was tormented and bullied to the point where she jumped in front of a commuter train, killing herself. She had reportedly been distraught after having group sex with some football players at her high school, and then found out it was videotaped, and the video was being shared at her school.

If this sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because Felicia’s circumstances sound tragically familiar to those of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers University student who had sex with a man, was briefly spied on by his roommate, Dharun Ravi, and another friend, and who then leapt to his death from a bridge after Dharun joked about Tyler’s sexual encounter on Twitter.


In Tyler’s case, LGBT groups went wild demanding that Ravi pay for his bullying ways. In fact, Ravi was arrested, stood trial, and was found guilty on many counts. And Felicia’s powerful allies? Crickets.

Reportedly, the four teens who were bullying Felicia, calling her a “slut,” have been interviewed by detectives but no charges are pending.

Two of the teens involved in the bullying have reportedly been “briefly” suspended from their school, but listen to what a source had to say to say to The Staten Island Advance:

These kids used poor judgment, and they did something they’re going to have to live with for the rest of their lives.

These kids?? Poor judgment?? Quite a difference from the opprobrium – not to mention the criminal charges — heaped on Dharun Ravi. And why is that? Because gay rights groups got involved in the Tyler Clementi case and, so far as I can tell, women’s rights groups are turning a blind eye here. Yet both victims were being bullied for their sexuality. In fact, if there was a video of Felicia being spread around her school – her case is much worse than Tyler’s.

If rumors are true and Felicia did have sex with football players, she was unfortunately looking for attention, acceptance, and love in all the wrong places. Felicia is an orphan who had been shuttled between various foster homes. She was no doubt lost and seeking emotional fulfillment. Like many young girls, she quickly realized that her sexuality was one way of getting that – at least for a moment.

Then these vicious, hideous asswipes took her vulnerability and trust turned it around on her, and punished her for it. I wish that Felicia had had the ability to see that these boys didn’t hate her – they hate themselves. But like most teens, she could only see what she was dealing with every day.

Where is the justice for Felicia?

Image via Alan Cleaver/ Flickr

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