Autistic Football Player’s Winning Field Goal Is the Most Awe-Inspiring Thing You'll See Today (VIDEO)

anthony staregoAnthony Starego, a high school senior who happens to have autism, did something pretty damn amazing a few days ago. He kicked the winning 22-yard field goal when there was just 21 seconds left in the game. Because of this act of awesome athleticism, Anthony's team, Brick Township, beat their much-favored opponents, Toms River High School North, 24-21.

Pretty amazing, huh? Wait 'til you hear how Anthony's father reacted.


During a visit with the Today Show, Ray Starego told Savannah Guthrie: "The minute that the referee went like this [and signaled the kick was good], I was kind of like a blubbering fool. I was crying so loud they could’ve heard me two sections over. I missed his run down the sideline. For a minute or so, I almost like blacked out because I was so emotional of going from not even playing a down to that. I was a mess."

If you're a parent, or even if, you know, you have a heart, it's hard not to get emotional hearing about Anthony's father's reaction. Any mom or dad would be thrilled to see their child do something so unbelievable. But the fact that it was Anthony -- a kid who's probably been discounted time and again in his life -- makes it so much sweeter.

One thing Anthony said during the interview really struck me. He told Savannah: "I wasn’t even nervous. I was enjoying myself, and I was having a great time of my life." Pretty impressive thing for an 18-year-old to say. "Just enjoying the ride" is a hard motto to follow. The fact that a high school senior is able to not only do so -- but articulate this ability -- should be an inspiration to all of us.

What do you think of this?

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