Teen Braves Snowstorm & Freezing Temperatures to Save School Bus Full of Kids (VIDEO)

Alexi Cartellier

A 13-year-old Canadian boy is certainly being hailed as a hero today, after demonstrating an incredible act of bravery that would be a difficult feat for an any adult, let alone a young teen. Alexi Catellier walked through a snowstorm in order to save the lives of 24 kids who had been stranded when their school bus became stuck in the snow.

During the first few hours of the bus being stranded, Alexi did his best to keep the other children calm and reassure them that everything was going to be ok -- even going so far as to melt snow into water bottles so they had something to drink. And then when it became clear that the bus driver was not going to be able to free the bus from the snowbank, leaving them stranded in freezing temperatures overnight, Alexi decided to take matters into his own hands and go for help.


He left the bus and started walking for help, which was no doubt incredibly scary. He said, "The way the wind was blowing, and with the snow, it was freezing cold. And I was just wearing running shoes, track pants, a thin sweater, and a little fall jacket."

Thankfully, Alexi did manage to find someone to help him alert CN Rail officials about the status of the bus. But he didn't stop there. Nope -- he went back to the bus and helped move some of the kids to a home nearby where they would be safe and warm.

And while all of the 24 kids on that bus had to be so thankful that Alexi was riding along with them that day, I can't even imagine how grateful their parents must be that he did everything in his power to ease their fears, and to keep them safe during those harrowing hours. And his own parents must be absolutely beaming with pride after hearing about his actions, because they are obviously doing everything right when it comes to raising a responsible young man who puts the well being of others before his own.

As the mom of a 6-year-old son, I can only hope that I'm doing a good enough job instilling the same kinds of values in him, and that down the road, he would hopefully demonstrate the same kind of bravery and selflessness in a similar situation.

You can hear more about his ordeal in this video clip.


What kinds of things do you do to encourage your teen to put others first?


Image via CBC News

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