School Bans Teen Mom's Photo From Yearbook

photographerHere we go again. Another teenager who is mad as hell and not going to take it, so she's gone to the media with her sob story. This time it's a teen mom who -- wait for it -- wants to know why her high school is full of all these meany pants who are keeping the photo of her out of the yearbook.

Oh, did I mention that photo isn't just of Stephanie Myer? The girl who gave birth in the middle of her senior year posed for her photo with her newborn in her arms. Now you're starting to understand the school, aren't you?


Hold up. I'm not talking about the "OMG, we can't acknowledge teens actually have babies" part in all of this. If there are any parents who support keeping Myer and her daughter out of the yearbook because they think this will send some sort of message that it's OK to get knocked up during your senior year, get over yourselves. I think seeing a girl who looks like she swallowed a watermelon seed and let it grow is a lot more "damaging" than one photo in the yearbook.

But if you look at senior portraits in most high schools, they show just one person. That includes Menagha High School where Stephanie is a member of the Class of 2013.

So really, Stephanie isn't a teen mom asking to be treated just like everyone else. She's a teen mom asking for special treatment because ... she's a teen mom. Her parents obviously raised her with a healthy sense of entitlement, huh?

I get it! Having a baby is a big deal, y'all! But high school seniors have big deal moments all around this country, and they don't expect to pose with the signs of them in their yearbook photos. I wore the same boring black drape as everyone else in my class instead of say, my karate gi. Because rules are rules. And this isn't an especially bad rule.

This is what more parents need to teach their kid: the difference between fighting stupid, useless rules and just deciding they think they feel like thier poo smells like roses one day so they don't have to follow the plain old normal rules.

I'm thinking Stephanie Myer's parents didn't go over the distinction, how about you?

Should Stephanie get her picture in the yearbook with her daughter? Or is the school in the right here?


Image via BigTallGuy/Flickr

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