What Not to Say When Your Kid Wants to Talk About Private Parts (VIDEO)

There are a few questions that strike fear into the heart of most parents because they're so high stakes. Get it wrong, and you could scar them for life. Chief among those is probably anything having to do with baby making, like why there are different "boy parts" and "girl parts."

What you don't want to do is ask a couple random guys wandering down the street to handle that one for you. But that's exactly what Lauren O'Quinn does in the latest episode of "Mom Vs. Man". Check out the video below if you want to know what NOT to do when your child asks you why her brother has different parts than she does.


In fairness to these dudes, they took as good a shot at it as possible given that they were caught off guard. I mean, we've all had a nice long time to come up with an answer to that question that can survive the follow-up "why? why? why? but WHHHY?" They had less than a minute.

For a good giggle, and a validation of your own mad skills at handling these out-of-left-field questions from your kids, check out the video below...and let us know how you think they did!

How did you handle "the question" from your kids?

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Image via CafeMom Studios.


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