Boy Teaches Grownups Who Killed His Kitty a Lesson

catsIt sounds like a horrible mistake, but that doesn't change how 8-year-old Rayden Sazama felt when he learned that his cat had been mistakenly euthanized by a local animal shelter. He wrote his paper a letter taking the adults involved to task and broke plenty of hearts with his sorrowful words for his beloved cat "Toothless".

In a letter to The Herald Journal out of Logan, Utah that appeared last week, he wrote, "Yesterday grown-ups killed my kitty, my best friend, when they weren't supposed to," before going on to tell the sad story of what happened.


According to the Associated Press, Toothless was one of those cats allowed to roam around outside, and liked spending time in the cow pasture next to their house. On September 28, he went out his "kitty door" and didn't return like normal. Rayden and his brother started getting nervous and began hunting around for their cat, asking neighbors if they'd seen him. Their dad, Jason Sazama, even checked the Cache Humane Society's website for the cat's picture, but it wasn't there. Just to make sure, he stopped by after a few days, and to his relief, there was Toothless.

He couldn't bring him home, however, because the building, where he needed to pay the impound fee to free the cat, was closed for the day. No worries though, he was told he could do it in the morning. He went home and told the kids the good news, and everyone was thrilled that their kitty was coming home. Hooray!

Only when they went back to get the kitty, the worker had forgotten to put a note on the cage, and Toothless was killed. You can only imagine how devastated the family was.

Rayden was outraged too at the behavior of the adults involved, especially at some neighbors who he says turned the cat in and then denied knowing anything about its whereabouts. He wrote (as transcribed by his grandfather):

My dad and mom tell me and Devin not to lie and that is right. I didn’t think big people lied because they are grown ups and know what is right. Now I don’t know what to do. My cat Toothless is dead; the people that killed him didn’t even give him to my dad so we could bury him. What do I do now?

Heartbreaking. Pets can be such wonderful companions for kids in many ways, but they also come with some tough life lessons. Father Jason Sazama has said he's trying to use it as a learning experience for his boys and told the AP: "I had to explain to my son that several adults made mistakes here. The worker made a mistake, and I should have gone to the shelter sooner."

It certainly doesn't alleviate Rayden's pain over his pet, but it will hopefully teach the adults involved here a few lessons too. R.I.P., Toothless.

What lessons have pets taught your children?


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