Teen Heroes on School Bus Rescue Little Kids After Awful Accident (VIDEO)

bus crashIs it just me, or is everything in the news lately so. Damn. Depressing? Honest to god, there are some days that I don't even want to turn on my computer or television, because I know it's basically just going to be a bunch of stories about people dying; people going on murdering sprees; and people hiring people to kill other people. It's pretty much the worst thing ever. And it's why I'm bringing you a good old fashioned feel good story today. I think we can all use it.

A few weeks ago, a school bus in Gorham, New York collided with an oncoming truck, and the bus flipped over onto the side of the road. Wait!!! It gets happy, I swear!!!


Okay, so the bus -- which contained 26 students ranging from third graders to seniors in high school -- flipped over, and instead of everyone running out of the bus, every-man-for-himself style, the older kids actually helped the younger kids. You know, like real human beings ought to do! And everyone's okay! Six students were transported to the hospital, but no severe injuries! Yay! The world may not be going to hell in a hand basket after all.

Luigi, a senior aboard the bus, told ABC News: "[The younger kids] were crying and panicking. They were all around the exits trying to get out. I was trying to calm them down so I could get them out in an orderly fashion." Luigi also happened to cut the bus driver -- who was hanging sideways from the bus, restrained by her seat belt -- free.

The thing I immediately thought after I read this story this story was, "Wow, I certainly hope my daughter winds up like that when she's a teen." How proud must the parents of these kids be? Knowing that your child stopped to help other less "brave" people out has to be the most amazing feeling in the world. 

I have a long time to go before my daughter is a teenager -- and I admit, I'm nervous for it, as it's not exactly touted as the easiest of times -- but stories like this make me think it isn't all "I hate you" and "I'm going to the mall, see you never." And stories like this make the world actually seem ... okay.

What do you think of this?

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