Dumb Principal Bans Boy's Mohawk for Being 'Distracting' & Makes Bigger Distraction (VIDEO)

mohawkWhen will adults figure out that hating on a teen's hairstyle does nothing but make that already stubborn teen even more determined to keep said hairstyle? If high school senior Asher Stonesifer's current predicament is any indication, the answer to that question is NEVER.

See, in the grand old tradition of so many greasers, hippies, punks and about a million variations in those themes gone before him, Stonesifer's hairdo of choice has landed him in a heap of trouble at school. In fact, Principal Mitch Moyer hates Asher's Mohawk so much that he banned the look from school grounds, calling it a "distraction" and a "health and safety hazard."

A safety hazard?! Granted, Asher's "liberty spikes" stick 16 inches straight up into the air, but how dangerous can hair really be? (Even with "multiple layers of hair spray and gel.") It's not like the kid is Edward Scissorhands. Scissorhead. You know what I mean.


Anyway, you can probably guess what happened next: Like any self-respecting spiky-haired teen wearing a Misfits t-shirt with the sleeves cut off (I'm not making a generalization, watch the video!), Asher was like, "Hey man, quit harshing my freedom of self-expression!" (or something to that effect) to Principal Moyer, then he went straight to work circulating a petition and printing up t-shirts printed with the slogan "Fight for Your Right to Spike." As you can also probably guess, before long he had over 170 signatures on that petition and tons of kids wearing his t-shirts to class, not to mention reporters and camera crews showing up, wanting interviews. So that ban was super-effective, wasn't it, Principal Moyer? Now the kid's mohawk is really a distraction.

Asher's mom, meanwhile, stands by her son: “I've always told my kids they could have any kind of hair they wanted as long as they took care of it,” she says. And good for her! I would do the same. Asher isn't doing anything wrong.

Besides, every teenager is a rebel, and every rebel needs a cause.

Do you think this boy's mohawk should be banned from school?

Image via Daytona Beach News-Journal

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