Facebook's 'Slut' Page Is Shaming Our Daughters: Help Shut It Down!

laptopFacebook has a solid history of making breastfeeding moms mad, and now the site has moved to the other end of the parenting spectrum. An angry petition aimed at getting a page called "12-year-old slut memes" taken down hasn't worked. Moms who have found their young daughters' photos and words are being used by the page run by two 19-year-olds from Australia whose stated mission is "slut shaming" are mad.

As they should be. Two grown men have no business picking on young girls! And the very words "slut shaming" are despicable.

And yet, moms, dads, there's a very important something being ignored in all the sturm and drang here. Would this page exist if girls weren't loading the web with questionable images and inappropriate?


Hold up, let me be clear. This doesn't excuse the lascivious nature of the 230,000-some people who are checking out pictures of young girls on Facebook. It doesn't mean 12-year-old slut memes belong on Facebook.

But while you're fighting the good fight against Facebook to get the page yanked, you might want to do a double-check on your kid's wall. Is she posing half clothed with that ridiculous duck face? Does your 15-year-old have a status like this one (warning before you click ... it was so bad we didn't want to repeat it here)?

I try to avoid friending kids, but a few have slipped in here and there. And some of the stuff I see on there makes it pretty clear their parents NEVER check in. Fifteen-year-olds building elaborate beer can pyramids? Fourteen-year-olds talking about sex? Something tells me they aren't worried about Mom and Dad getting a look-see.

This disgusting page needs to be pulled off the Internet, and the whole controversy should be a wake-up call to parents: your little darlings aren't just talking to friends about their homework on Facebook. Now do something about it!

And let's get this page down! Sign the petition.

What's your Facebook policy? What would you do if your daughter ended up on a page like this one? 


Image via Arbron/Flickr

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