Unpopular High School Girl Is Chosen for Homecoming Queen -- As a Joke


stop bullyingHave you seen the movie Carrie? Apparently, it’s a big hit in a tiny farming town in Michigan. On September 13, Whitney Kropp, 16, was voted on the high school homecoming court -- all as just an elaborate high school hoax.

The jig was up when students pointed at her as she walked through the hallways and laughed.

Can you believe the cruelty of those kids?

Whitney didn't let them get her down.



She's decided to stay on the court, and the local community has rallied round her. Businesses have donated everything she needs to get ready for the homecoming game -- including salon services, a red dress, and a ride in a convertible. Town residents have pledged to pack the bleachers with “Team Whitney" T-shirts.  An entire Facebook page was created in support of Whitney Kropp. For once, a town stood up and told the bullies off.

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Who are these kids? The teen years are hard enough with body changes, hormone changes and boys. And now cruel, elaborate jokes are becoming part of the experience. I’m glad Whitney Kropp figured out what was going on before homecoming night. Poor kid, I can only imagine the humiliation she felt.

My children are young, but we talk, and they know better than to be cruel to others. I would never allow it. As much as I’d hate to see my child be the object of a bully, I would be mortified to be the parent of a bully.

How did these behaviors become instinctual? My girls know to be aware of other people’s feelings when they speak and act. I have also taught my girls to treat others as they would want to be treated and if they ever have to preempt a statement with, “no offense” then they should probably not make that statement because it will most certainly be offensive. I think these are good rules of thumb. I have a zero tolerance for bullies all the way around.

I don’t pretend to understand bullying. It’s mean and it’s cruel. Unfortunately, it happens more often than it should to way too many kids.

What do you think of bullying; is it just a part of growing up or are do you employ a zero tolerance?

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