Why Every Teen Girl Should Have an IUD

condomParents of teenage girls everywhere, rejoice! For unto us comes tidings of great joys. Or, in modern words, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has finally realized there's an incredibly simple way to put an end to this teen pregnancy problem that continues to plague America. IUDs. IUDs for everyone!

Yes, everyone. As in, we can finally get our teenage daughter the IUD instead of having to wait until she's actually had a baby -- which, in case you hadn't guessed is kind of too late. Could we finally have the solution to the biggest problem with teen girls and birth control?


As parents, we can stress the importance of birth control until we're blue in the face, but we can't force them to use it.

We need our daughters to take the pill every day at the same time -- whether an early morning honor society meeting or a late soccer game happens or not. We need them to be extra careful if they're taking an antibiotic. We need them to pack condoms.

But come on, how many times have you gotten a "Mooooom, I forgot my lunch" call from the school?

Kids forget things. They're human. It happens. The trouble is, an "oops, I didn't take my birth control pill today" is not on the same level as an "oops, I didn't take the garbage out." That's how women -- and teenage girls -- end up pregnant.

Of course, it would just be easier if they waited. Duh! But since almost 50 percent of kids in American high schools are sexually active, and three quarters of them admit they aren't using birth control, sticking your head in the sand and pretending it won't happen is akin to slapping a name tag on your chest that says, "Hello, My Name Is Grandma." And as Teen Mom star Maci Bookout reminded the world the other day ... teen girls are pushing sex too.

This is where we need to bake our muffin baskets and send 'em to ACOG for finally getting hip to the way teenagers work. Now that IUDs are safer than they were in the old days, this is common sense.

You can't forget an IUD. You can't take an antibiotic and have the IUD suddenly not be as effective as it could be. You aren't stuck depending on a guy who has had that condom in his wallet since he was 12 when he stole it from his older cousin's room.

And convincing our teenager to get one of these things shouldn't be that hard: half of MTV's Teen Mom stars spend so much time babbling on about how they use Mirena (one type of IUD) to prevent a second pregnancy that some of the episodes should come with a warning! Kailyn Lowry even took the cameras into the OB/GYN office for her appointment.

So now the question is whether parents will realize what a burden this could take off their shoulders. No more harping on your daughter to take her pill? No more nervous nail biting about condoms? Sounds like a plan to me ...

Would you get your daughter an IUD?


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