Bullied Boy's Heartbreaking Message Is One All Kids Should See (VIDEO)

bullied boyWe can try and teach our kids to be kind to others and preach the messages about why bullying is wrong, and hope that they absorb them. But sometimes our messages fall on deaf ears, and it takes something more powerful -- like a message from one of their peers -- to really get through to them.

The brave boy in this video, identified only as Ricky, made this video in which through a serious of handwritten messages he tells how much kids' cruelty affects him at school. He says he feels like "he needs to be someone else" so that people will like him when all he wants to be is himself.  He also gives an example of how he was taunted even on National Suicide Awareness Day.


The sad thing is that there are thousands of kids out there like him feeling like this each and every day. No one is going to be liked by everyone, and there's a certain amount of kids-will-be-kids teasing that will never go away, but when kids are hurting this badly, something is wrong. Something must be done.

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Good for Ricky for expressing himself like this. Hopefully his message will let others know they're not alone, and that other kids will see it and realize just how much their actions can hurt others.

In what ways do you try to prevent your children from becoming bullies? Do you worry more about them getting bullied or becoming a bully?


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