Apparently Your Tween Girl Has Fluff for Brains & Only Likes Pretty Pink Pens (VIDEO)

bic pens for tweensOkay, can somebody please explain to me WHY we keep trying to convince girls that they are, in fact, made of sugar and spice and everything nice? And ... PINK? Apparently, even boring old masculine blue/black pens aren't enough to entice our girls to actually write informational/educational things down ... or so BIC would have us believe.

Mmm-hmm. Perhaps you've heard about the "BIC for Her" line of pens that's offending literate gals all over the place? Well, just in case you missed the point -- the drowning-you-in-glitter-and-sunshine point -- now there's a commercial to further smother you in sparkles and rainbows. Or, more specifically, your daughter.

I happen to have a daughter. A genuine, bonafide tween daughter. The very type of daughter who's supposed to like these pinky doo-dah pens. So, I showed her this commercial.

This is what she said:


"Is this for real?!"

Yes, yes it is, I assured her. So tell me, do you feel like you relate to this girl in the commercial? Do you feel like she represents you -- or any of your friends?

"MOM. Seriously? Why are you even asking me about this?"

Because, it's a real thing, I told her. Big companies that sell stuff to lots and lots of people think that girls your age need stuff to be pink and frilly and vapid to want to buy it.

"Um, that's really stupid ... so I'm gonna go do my homework now, okay?"

Of course, my daughter is just one tween girl. Not all tween girls. Just one tween girl. So, you know, you should watch this commercial for yourself and decide:

Yeah. So, like I said, WHY do we keep trying to convince our girls that they're made of sugar and spice and everything nice? Because ... it will make them want to buy pink crap? That's the only answer that makes any sense. This has to be a conspiracy rooted in capitalism and consumer clichés. Because if it's not?

I don't know. Shimmery ponies and lollipops, lalala!

What do you think about the "BIC for Her" line of pens?


Image via BICUSAWriting/YouTube

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