Brave 12-Year-Old Takes the Wheel & Saves Dad's Life (VIDEO)

12-year-old save dadWhen you think of an underage driver behind the wheel, what's the first word that comes to mind? Probably something like crash or accident or insurance rates or negligence, right? You probably think of a story like today's terrifying tale about the 13-year-old girl driving 700 miles to meet up with her 12-year-old boyfriend (whom she met online).

But guess what? Sometimes underage drivers can be heroes! Seriously! Like the 12-year-old Massachusetts boy who took control of his family's car when his dad -- who was driving -- had what appeared to be a seizure. And his quick-thinking didn't stop there!


Oh, and did I mention the family was on a busy highway at the time? Amazingly, this kid still had the presence of mind to steer the car to a breakdown lane, make sure his younger sister was safe behind a guardrail, and use his dad's cellphone to call 911.

WOW. I know adults who aren't half as reliable in emergencies as this kid. He doesn't even know how to drive!! And he had to be scared out of his mind -- not only was his dad obviously incredibly sick, his entire family was in danger of being in a huge car accident. Yikes!

I guess there's something to be said, too, for educating young teens about the basics of operating a motor vehicle. Assuming they're not the type who would steal your car to drive 700 miles away to meet up with some boy she met online. (Hopefully you can tell the difference.)

Does this 12-year-old's quick-thinking and bravery blow you away?

Image via FoxNews

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