Bullies Bind Girl in Plastic Wrap at School Bus Stop

school busWith school just recently back in session for many across the country, there are plenty of things for students and parents to worry about again like homework, packing lunches, and unfortunately -- bullying. An extreme case in Florida recently shows just how ruthless some children are when it comes to their peers.

Melanie Conn, 13, was waiting at her school bus stop in Ormond Beach, Florida, last Thursday morning when two boys attacked her. They held her and started wrapping her in plastic wrap. She told Click Orlando she couldn't move her arms as they covered her from her waist up past her chin.

Fortunately, she wasn't harmed physically in the incident, as she easily could have been, but that doesn't mean harm wasn't done.  


Her mother, Holley Angerson-Conn, says it should have never happened either as the same boys reportedly threatened her daughter two days earlier in front of the bus attendant. She told the station:

It's childish. It's at the same time very scary. This is not a joke. This could have become very serious if they would have had a little bit more and nobody was able to get it off of her.

And she's right. There are so many things that could have gone even more wrong in this case, in which the girl could have been seriously harmed. And if a bus attendant heard any kind of a threat, he or she should have stepped up to do something, which the school is investigating.  As for the boys -- how could they? It must have been planned, because one doesn't usually just show up to the bus stop with that much plastic wrap. And there's no possible way to explain it as a joke. 

Just because she wasn't physically harmed, Angerson-Conn doesn't think they should get off any easier. Nor does she think the 10-day suspension from riding the bus one boy got is going to prevent any future incidents. 

For now, she says she's walking her daughter to and from the school bus every day, which is exactly what I'd be doing IF I let my daughter take the bus again. I'm pretty sure I'd be driving her myself after something like that for the rest of her school career.

Has your child ever been bullied?


Image via Kamoteus/Flickr 

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