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Bad Parents Forced to Wear Humiliating Signs in Public (PHOTOS)

stefanie 50 shadesI kind of expected that whole trend of publicly humiliating teens as a form of punishment to go away, but nope: Just days ago a mom in South Carolina forced her 13-year-old son to walk along a busy road wearing a sign saying, "Smoked pot, got caught! Don't I look cool? Not!"

Seems the Sign of Shame has become as accepted a disciplinary measure as the time-honored time-out (other notable examples, just in case you missed them, include a different 13-year-old's "I steal from my family" sandwich board and a 14-year-old's considerably more serious nametag confessional, "I lie. I steal. I sell drugs. I don't follow the law.").

Yikes. I'm not sure if these signs actually have positive long-term (or even short-term) behavior modification results or if I'd ever even consider branding my kid in this fashion, but I am pretty sure about one thing ... if teens could turn the tables on parents, we'd all be walking around looking like these majorly guilty moms and dads ...

Images via Jacqueline Burt

1"I wouldn't let my daughter become a One Direction groupie!"

What a killjoy. They're not like the other boy bands, dad, they're really talented.

2"I won't let my son eat pizza for breakfast."

Seriously?! Just because I eat breakfast for lunch and dinner, too?

3"I poured a handle of Smirnoff down the drain. It was not mine to pour."

Bad dad! Bad, bad dad. That sh*t ain't cheap, yo.

4"I went to my son's soccer game ... and cheered!"

Not only did you cheer, mom, you made eye contact with me. In public! We've talked about this!

5"I made my daughter stop texting at the dinner table"

Way to ruin my social life, MOM.

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