At Least Today's Kids Won't Get Caught Passing Notes

cell phone note takingPeople always love to complain about "kids today." There is no doubt that kids today are being raised in a world that is so very different than the one I was raised in. Most teens today can't remember a world before cellphones and many, many of them have them. With all the smartphones around, why shouldn't kids be taking full advantage of the advanced kind of school work and note taking these devices afford?

Looking back on my own school years, I can scarcely imagine a world where I could just pop open my iPad and start taking notes. There are also recording devices and Internet access built into most smartphones and tablets. This must make school discussions so much livelier and more interesting.

I am so envious!


There are many aspects of technology that are frightening. Certainly younger children and toddlers who use iPhones and tablets run some risks, but for older kids, I say why not?

Sure, there are risks. Kids could watch movies instead of listening in class. They could text friends instead of taking notes. But let's face it: that stuff always happened.

I have shoe boxes still full of the notes I passed in elementary and middle school, and actually, it's kind of sad that kids today won't have that. But what they DO have is technology to help make learning more interactive and fun. That part is highly enviable.

They can take notes and look things up at the same time. They can READ their notes when it comes time to study for tests, and they can copy them easily and share them with friends. It's a new world, for sure. And of course, people may struggle with wondering why a teen needs such a fancy and expensive device.

Really, though, the haters are just jealous. I know this because I am, too!

Do you think kids should be allowed to take notes on cells and tablets?


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