High School Cheerleaders Accuse Coach of Making Them Strip

cheerleaderThink your kids are clear on the rules about when to get naked and when to keep their clothes on? You might want to run through a refresher course. A cheerleading coach in Georgia has just resigned from her job after allegations surfaced that she made members of the squad strip during a team sleepover.

I can see why parents are upset. I'd be pretty embarrassed if that was my kid too.


Yes, the blame for this whole bizarre incident really seems to rest on the shoulders of the pervy cheerleading coach -- who, it bears noting, is now subject of a police investigation. But can someone explain to me how a bunch of teenage girls could be "forced" to strip down to their underwear? Shouldn't they know better by now?

The cheerleaders were allegedly playing a game called "judge and jury" during a sleepover that allowed the coach to direct the girls to answer questions. If they didn't get the right answer, the coach or "judge" would direct members of the "jury" to either run laps around the school track or remove an article of clothing. To reduce your laps, you could remove additional clothing.

If all of this is true, it sounds like the coach was way out of line.

But, and this is a big but, these girls were teenagers. They should know by now that no one has the right to make you take your clothes off. NO ONE. Not a coach. Not a boy. Not nobody, not know how.

I don't blame the girls here. But I do have to put at least some of the blame on their parents. It was their job to teach these girls about boundaries. It's not easy, but it's not impossible either.

My 7-year-old has a very short list of people she should be naked in front of (me, her father, her doctor ...), and we have had numerous conversations about what to do in uncomfortable situations. The conversations haven't always been exactly comfortable for me (you try explaining to your 7-year-old why it is that you, an adult, do not get naked in front of your own parents ... yes, she's my mom, no she can't see me naked!), but God forbid she encounter some perv when I'm not around to protect her, I want her to be ready.

Should the parents shoulder some of the blame here? Do you think your kids would have the wherewithal to keep their clothes on in this situation?


Image via bptakoma/Flickr

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