6 Cool & Budget-Friendly Ways Your Teens Can Personalize Their Cellphones

6 Cool & Budget-Friendly Ways Your Teens Can Personalize Their Cellphones

cell phone casesSo your teen has a cellphone. Maybe you love it and maybe you hate it. For one: It's always ringing, or buzzing, or playing some stupid, Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy ... ringtone. Or maybe they've taken to texting you to pass the butter at the dinner table instead of asking. The horror!

I'm sure, though, that part of the reason you bought said cellphone was not only to keep tabs in touch, but also to teach your teen to be responsible for his/her belongings. Umm, mom and dad ... do you really think your kid is worried about learning a thing or two about responsibility? Nnnootttt. The first thought that popped into their head was how they're going to personalize every inch of their brand spankin' new gadget. And well, if you can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em, right? Here are a few tips that'll turn decorating and bedazzling your teen's cellphone into a fun treat for the whole family!

Will you let your kids personalize their cellphones?

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  • Decorate With Ticket Stubs


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    This is an especially great idea if you head to lots of games, performances, or shows with your teens. Have them keep a collection of their top three favorite outings (with you!) and you can turn it into a mural on the back of their phone. All you need is a clear case and scissors. Bonus points if you do it together!

  • Use Their Own Ringtone


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    Even though it runs the risk of being annoying (you'll hear it every time they get a text, call, picture message), it's so much better than a ringback! It'll also teach your teen to pay attention to his/her phone -- so you won't ever have to worry why they're not picking up when you call.

  • Set a Screen Lock


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    This sends the message that it's your child's phone and his alone. It'll keep all the personal information out of reach of wandering hands and your son/daughter will be responsible for remembering the password. Maybe it's a good idea to have them share it with you though, just in case.

  • Use a Colorful Case


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    Everyone has an iPhone. And if you don't, chances are you want one. Maybe pretty soon you'll have one. Point is, a colorful case will help set your child's phone apart and you can find them almost anywhere: Amazon, the grocery store, the mall, eBay.

  • Decorate With Stickers


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    If you don't head to lots of shows with your kids, just use stickers! They can be of anything: Favorite sports teams, TV shows, favorite sayings, or even cartoons. They're cheap and easy to replace.

  • Make a Collage From Favorite Photos


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    Go through baby photos, sports photos, first day of school photos, shots with friends, and family vacation snapshots to create the most adorable phone cover. Just grab some glue, scissors, and a bowl of popcorn, and let the memories roll in!

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