School Giving Condoms to 12-Year-Olds Is on Board With Abstinence Too

condomsCould we finally have a happy middle ground for the parents who believe in sex education for teenagers and the parents who don't to meet on? A Massachusetts high school thinks they've got the key. They want to hand out condoms to kids as young as 12. But wait! There's more!

Parents of students in Springfield will get a letter allowing them to opt out of the program. And just in case the letters don't make it home, the school will be calling Moms and Dads too.

I think we have a winner here, folks!


I'm all about letting parents go their own way and make choices for their kids. But the easy go with the flow train goes off the rails choices start to infringe on my right to  make choices for my kid.

Unfortunately, in many school districts in America, that's exactly what has happened. The studies show access to birth control doesn't increase sexual activities, it just makes it safer, but too many parents refuse to believe it. Parents who have read the studies and know that quality sex education reduces the teen pregnancy rate are stymied by parents who refuse to allow their kids to be educated about birth control. So we're all stuck with the abstinence-only education that scientists have shown time and again isn't working.

If you want to teach your kid about abstinence and only abstinence, that's your choice. But barring the rest of our kids from getting sex ed just isn't fair!

That's why I'm digging this program offering condoms to kids in Massachusetts. The way the school has designed it could be exactly what we need to bridge the gap.

Some of us opt in. Some opt out. And voila: the parents who fear that their kids won't come to them for birth control, but still want their kids to be safe if they DO decide to have sex are covered. And the others at least got to make their own choice for their kids.

Works for me! How about you?

Would you sign your child up for the free condom program?


Image via Paul Keller/Flickr

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