Teen Is Forced to Apologize to Plane Passengers for Rude Airport Behavior (VIDEO)

Mac BreedloveThere's a pretty amazing video that's gone viral this week. Mac Breedlove is a lacrosse player who was caught cutting the early boarding line to get on a Southwest Airlines flight. When his coaches found out, they made the teenager read out an official apology to all his fellow passengers.

Please, would these coaches write a parenting book? We have enough advice out there about protecting our delicate snowflakes!


What we need more of is parents who will hold their kids accountable for their actions, parents who actually make their kids apologize. It's nice if you're disciplining them when they screw up. But Moms, let me just tell you from experience, it is not enough.

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A few years back, I got one of those calls that makes you embarrassed to ever show your face in the pick-up line again. My daughter bit a kid. I was mortified. My kid is NOT supposed to be the kid who the teacher calls home about, OK? But it had to be dealt with. She lost movie night with the family, and we had a very long talk about why we don't hurt other people.

I could have left it at that. But I didn't really know if she GOT how serious this was. So I made her write letters to both the little girl and her teacher (OK, I made her dictate them and then put her signature on them ... she was only 4 at the time). Then I made her hand them over face-to-face to the people she'd harmed.

She was probably as mortified as I was when I got the call. And it was just enough shame -- without rubbing her nose in it -- to really drive this one home. We don't go all Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield on our friends. She hasn't bitten anyone since.

On the flip side, she's never gotten an apology of any sort from the kid who kicked sand in her face on the first day of kindergarten. And wouldn't you know this same kid has been the one who has hurt her again and again and again? Because no one has ever made him face up to what he did wrong.

I'm not saying I always do things right as a mom, but this is one thing I'm pretty firm on. If you screw up, you don't get to run away from it.

Here's betting Mac Breedlove never cuts a line again. Check out his apology:


What do you think about making kids do an apology like this? Too much or just enough?

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