Inspiring, 200-Pound Kid Doesn’t Let Hecklers Get Him Down

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It wasn't the typical Olympic ad: a 5-foot-3, 200-pound, 12-year-old boy, dripping with sweat as he runs along a lonely stretch of highway sporting Nikes. The tag line: Find Your Greatness

Indeed he has. It wasn't just an acting gig for Nathan Sorrell. Since filming the spot, he has been inspired to slim down and get fit. In fact it's something he reminds himself of every day, even as he faces bullies and brutal hecklers who chide him for his size more than ever now that the commercial has aired.


The idea behind the ad is that you don't have to look like David Beckham or have athleticism in your DNA to be a winner and go for your goals. Touching right? Well not everyone thinks so. Sorrell and Nike got plenty of flack. People have poked fun at his weight and criticized the brand for using a portly kid instead of a "real jogger." To that I say, shame on those critics.

Thankfully Sorrell hasn't let it get him down. “I’m starting to learn, even if somebody completely physically fit did that commercial, they would still get, as they say, haters,” Sorrell told Today's Matt Lauer. “That just motivates me more because I want to get off my feet and do extra time for those people that have enough time to be able to sit there and write mean comments on the internet, when they could be doing something like I am.”

How inspiring is that? A lot of overweight tweens are ashamed of their girth and would never bring attention to it. He's a great role model for everyone. Not because he is a Taylor Lautner-like Adonis we can aspire too, but rather because he is someone struggling to get healthy like 90% of us. The point is, he is trying.  Parents can turn to his example when dealing with their own plus-size kids. Get off the couch, turn off the PlayStation and MOVE for Christ’s sake!

Watch the ad and interview with Sorrell here:

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What do you think of the Nike ad? Does this kid inspire you?


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