Sex Questions From Kids Are Hilarious, But Scary

chalkboardThe Sex Questions From Seventh Graders Tumblr that went viral before being yanked from the web was full of some of the most off-the-wall questions about human anatomy I think I've heard in a long time. Come to think of it, I haven't heard any of this since, well, middle school.

They're downright hilarious. But they're also downright terrifying!


The handwritten sex questions were allegedly put up by a teacher who kept her (or his?) identity anonymous. How it was pulled off Tumblr, and how the accompanying Twitter account disappeared, isn't clear. But sites that picked up photos of the notecard show some poorly spelled questions:

I heard that guys can have sex until they die is that true

Does porn make your sperm stronger

How do the sperms move? Can your eggs brake?

Is there other ways to have a baby but without having sex?

Go ahead. Laugh.

OK, now that you're done, can we talk about sex education for a second here? It's still a controversial issue in America thanks to puritanical parents who refuse to look at the facts: kids have questions about sex. If we're not answering those questions, these are the kinds of things they think are true ... that porn will make their sperm stronger, that their eggs will "brake."

The problem is kids talk about sex ... a lot. And when we're not giving them good information to use in those talks, things get dangerous. The myth I still recall being whispered in the locker room dealt with the best way to prevent pregnancy: by peeing after sex. Can you imagine how many pregnant teenagers that little bit of "birth control" created?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again ... I don't want to be a young grandmother. But if we don't tell kids the truth about sex, they're going to keep on believing in myths and fairy tales. And myths and fairy tales aren't funny when they start screaming at 2 a.m. for a diaper change, are they?

What's your take on the Sex Questions From Seventh Graders? Funny or scary?


Image via juggernautco/Flickr

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