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6 Easy Hairstyles to Help Your Kids Rock the First Day of School

back to school hairWhat could make the first day of school extra special? Maybe an extra-special hairdo! It's all about braids, fauxhawks, glitter, and hair mascara this year. And there are so many fun ways to work those looks.

Last night at a Crest and Oral B event, I got to see the stylists of New York's Doodle Doo's work their magic on several kids. Check out these six fab hairstyles -- and yes, we even included one for boys! And check out which hair products Doodle Doo's recommends for kids. Did someone say hair glitter?

These are simple hairstyles you could do yourself -- maybe with a little practice the week before. They're all great a keeping your kids' hair tidy through the whole school day. Well, mostly tidy. You know how wild school can get sometimes.

Adriana Velez

1Front Braid

This is a great way to keep your DD's hair out of her face all day. French braid just the front hairs running from ear to ear. For an easier braid, comb a part that divides the hair you'll braid from the rest.

Adriana Velez

2Braid Garland

Or -- braid all the way around! I especially loved the glitter and the sweet butterfly clip. You'll want to part beforehand again just to make sure you're braiding evenly all around the head. Start front and center and French braid on each side, meeting at the back.

Adriana Velez

3Clipped-Back Braid

Make a small braid on either side of the head. Then drape each braid toward the back of the head and clip in place. This is another great way to keep hair out of the face. Clipping the braids back keeps them from flying around and also gives you an elegant fairy princess look.

Adriana Velez

4Side Braid

This is a single braid pulled over to one side. Comb the front hair over to the side and then braid straight down.

Adriana Velez

5Fishtail Braid

I think a fishtail braid looks so cool! it really dresses up an ordinary braid ponytail. And that purple hair mascara takes it to a whole new level. Here's a tutorial on the fishtail braid.

Adriana Velez


You don't have to shave your head or grow your hair long or even be NASA's Mohawk Guy to work this look. You just need some gel or paste and more of that fun hair mascara.

9Banana Spike Molding Putty

Here's how you shape that fauxhawk: With Glop & Glam's Banana Spike Molding Putty. I love the fun ball-shaped container, too. It's like the Pokemon ball of hair product!

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