How to Talk Sex With Your Kids: Advice From an Expert (VIDEO)

women talkingLet's talk about sex, baby ... or rather talk about talking about sex with our babies. Does the mere thought make you squirm, or are you totally calm and ready for the questions to come? No matter what your level of comfort when it comes to explaining the birds and the bees, we can all use a few pointers about the right way to do it and the proper time or place to do so.

In the latest episode of Mom-Ed: In the Bedroom on CafeMom Studios, Dr. Logan Levkoff, an expert in human sexuality, sat down with two moms to answer some questions about how to answer our children's questions. Her advice is straightforward, which is what she urges parents to be with children. Here are a few of her tips:


Don't give them too much information. She says to explain something in a couple of sentences, then see if that satisfies them. When they ask for more, you can give it to them.

Don't stop just because they're uncomfortable. She said just because your kids don't want to hear it doesn't mean they don't need to. Tell them to plug their ears if they must, but that you want to be the one to tell them these things even if it makes you both uncomfortable.

Identify body parts by their actual names. Don't get cutesy. It helps children identify problems, and there's no reason not to do so -- that's what they are!

Here's the full video.

Does discussing sex with your children make you nervous? How have your conversations gone?

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