Teen Risks Life to Save 6-Year-Old at 'Dark Knight' Shooting (VIDEO)

kaylanWhen something as tragic and horrific as the Dark Knight shooting happens, it's hard to make sense of anything. Here were a group of completely innocent people just out for a fun night when a crazed madman opens fire, killing 12 and injuring countless others. Why is this the world we live in? What happened? How did we get to this point? It's nearly impossible to see the good in anything in our society. But then you hear about the heroic acts of some of the people of Aurora, Colorado -- you hear about what a 13-year-old girl named Kaylan did in the face of this meaningless violence -- and you remember that, actually, the world is filled with good people who are willing to do the right thing.


Instead of fleeing the scene of the shooting, Kaylan, whose last name hasn't been released per her mother's request, stayed behind to administer CPR to 6-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan, who sadly wound up passing away. At a mass in Aurora this past Sunday, Pastor Michael Walker painted a heart-breaking picture of this unforgivable scene, saying: "If you could imagine a 13-year-old giving CPR to a 6-year-old who is dying. It's a tragedy." Tragedy indeed.

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The fact that Kaylan stayed back to try to help her 6-year-old friend is amazing, though. Not just because she put someone else's life before her own, but because she did it at 13 years old. That's not something most mature adults would necessarily do, nevertheless someone who can't even drive. Naturally, Kaylan's mom, Heather, is proud of her daughter. In statement, she said: "I love that she thought of somebody else besides herself. That is amazing to me."

My daughter is a far cry from being a teenager, but as a parent, I know that I would feel two things if I learned that she had acted as Kaylan did in such a terrifying situation: Scared that something could have happened to her, and unbelievably amazed that someone I created turned out so brave and compassionate. Heather, wherever you are, I hope you know that you raised one hell of a kid. And Kaylan, I hope my daughter is just as courageous and kind as you.

Check out Kaylan and her mom:

Pretty amazing, huh?


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