Fed-Up Dad Flips Out on His Teenage Son -- and His Ridiculous Saggy Skinny Jeans

Saggy jeansI don’t mean to be an old fogie, I really don’t. But one thing I just ab-so-lute-ly cannot stand are guys who wear their pants, like, mid-thigh. Whole butt popping up out of the top of their britches, and in plenty of cases, they’re a tad bootylicious so the end result is someone’s big, curvy backside muffin-topping out of a pair of Levis. Too often, the only thing separating me and you from their bare butts is a thin layer of dingy cotton boxers or shorts. Yuck.  

I always say if I had a son, I would force him to understand why he must not let his behind flap in the open breeze. But I don’t. (I do instruct my daughter not to swoon over dudes who wear their pants lower than a respectable, off-waist sag.) The man in this video is going viral for scolding his teenage son as he tries to the leave the house in saggy skinny jeans. This very outspoken, very fed-up father decides to check him at the door. 


Now that is hi-lar-ious. Dad is outraged and went in about the whole matter. Rightfully so. I’m glad the offender is a good sport about it but his father really does have a point, especially—I have to make the point—since he’s raising a young black man. And as we've learned from hoodies and the like, there's a special exception when it comes to them.

In some parts of the country, the law is really cracking down on teenagers and college students sporting the sag, which I admit is way over the top. Besides being a crime against fashion, there’s nothing criminal about this harmless albeit tacky style pitfall. It’s the pile of stereotypes that go along with it that’s the big deal. The assumption is they’re thugs. They’re unintelligent. They’re either recently released from or heading, do-not-pass-go, to the jailhouse.

But hopefully, there will be one less in that number with the rehabilitation of this fellow. One less sagger on the streets. Yessss.

Do you think this dad’s reaction is over the top?

Image via Paul-in-London/Flickr

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