Incredible 6-Year-Old Drummer Is Ready to Join the Foo Fighters (VIDEO)

jaxon smithAs much as I love Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters don't usually put a lump in my throat -- more like a crick in my neck from all the headbanging. But watching 6-year-old self-taught drummer Jaxon Smith pound along to "Pretender" definitely brought tears to my eyes: This talented little guy weighed only 1 pound when he was born in 2005. And just look at him now!

I have no idea how old Jaxon was when he started playing the drums, but judging by the bands he covers on his YouTube channel, he's an incredibly fast learner with an ear for complicated material:


Rush, The Who, Heart, Rage Against the Machine, Tool ... how such an incredible volume of noise comes out of such a tiny dude, I have no idea, but one thing's for sure ... he's got the beat.

Isn't Jaxon awesome? Not to mention super cute?! The Foo Fighters should totally take him on tour. Like, now.

Are you blown away by Jaxon Smith's crazy drum skills?


Image via U2RUSHFAN/YouTube

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