Mom Gives Teen Daughter Pot & It Sounds Tempting ...

marijuanaThink fast: would you give your child an illegal drug? If you said "of course not," hear, hear! But I've got another question for you: would your answer change if an illegal drug was going to help ease your teenager's pain?

Sharon Letts has done it. The California mom admitted in a recent piece for Toke of the Town that she let her then 16-year-old daughter smoke pot. Then she brewed her a cannabis tea. And if she had it to do all over again, Letts says she would even make her a salad with marijuana leaves to help with her fibromyalgia pain.


First off, I need to give her credit. Letts is brave to admit she gave her daughter pot right out on the Internet, with her name at the top of the piece. Most mom and marijuana articles, including Jezebel's latest incendiary piece on the mom who thinks pot makes her a better mother, are written anonymously. But Letts has put her own name to this, or at least seems to -- there's no editor's note marking the moniker as a pseudonym.

And her candor has provided an important service to parents. Because Letts didn't just talk about giving her kid medicinal pot. She has tackled the big no-no: what really happens when your kid gets high on your watch.

It may come as a shock to parents who rail against medicinal marijuana because they're afraid it will turn their kids into stoners. But it turns out her daughter didn't like the euphoric feeling of smoking a joint or even the tea. It's kind of like giving your toddler icky-flavored cough syrup, isn't it? They associate the unpleasant part with "medicine" and have no desire to abuse it for the good properties.

Could this be the key to differentiate "pot as recreation" vs. "pot as medicine" for our kids? Making it just unpleasant enough?

I'm not ready to jump on the pot for kids train just yet -- it's still an illegal drug -- but it's given me food for thought. If my kid were in pain, and this was the only option ... I might just have to do it.

How about you? Would you give your child pot if it would help ease their pain and they wouldn't be tempted to use it for recreation?


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