Bikini Waxes Don't 'Sexualize' Tweens (They Just Make Them Less Hairy)

bikini wax ad

Would you allow your tween daughter to get a bikini wax or a waxing in general? One waxing franchise is holding a promotion during the month of July -- 50% off of all waxing services for all girls 15 and younger.

The ad has many moms up in arms since it appears to be for a bikini wax (though it specifically says all waxing services), and they think it sexualizes young girls who aren't yet old enough for such a service.

I call bullshit.


As a woman who was a hairy teen, thanks to my Latina genes and hitting puberty, I wish waxing had been more mainstream when I was 12. I may not have had my boobs but I definitely had hair everywhere and it was a real pain trying to hide it. Tube socks and T-shirts over bathing suits only can do so much.

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In middle school, swimming was mandatory and my life would have been loads more pleasant if I could have gotten a bikini wax rather than trying to not look like I had a chia pet in a headlock when I wore my bathing suit. It was embarrassing and humiliating to a young teenager.

I don’t think waxing sexualizes girls; it simply gives them a safer alternative to shaving. You don't want to know how many chunks I took out of my ankle when I first started shaving my legs. I'd hate to imagine what damage I could have done with a razor in my pubic area at the tender age of 12 or 13.

The one issue I have with the ad is with this language:

During the month of July, girls 15 and undercan enjoy their FIRST waxing experience and find it NATURAL, SAFE and PLEASANT. [emphasis added]

Let’s be honest, waxing is never "pleasant." Natural and safe, yes, but there is no such thing as pleasurable waxing -- only degrees of pain tolerance. You might want to warn your daughters before they take the plunge.

Do you think it's okay for teen girls to wax?

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