Dangerous Anti-Birth Control Ads Target Kids By Disrespecting Parents

1fleshWhat's scarier than teenagers having sex? Teenagers having sex after they've gotten a look at 1flesh, an ad campaign masquerading as a source for information on birth control that could earn you the name 'Grandma' in just nine months. Be afraid, moms and dads, be very, very afraid.

I stumbled on the project put together by a bunch of college kids who claim "we want sexy back" via Jezebel, where blogger Katie J.M. Baker points out the anti-contraception group is "rife with misinformation that we could pick apart for hours if we didn't have better things to do with our time." I see her point -- the site is so bogged down with mis-information about sex that I hardly know where to begin.


Unfortunately for those of who have kids, we have to invest the time. Because 1flesh has very carefully crafted an "us against them" campaign designed to convince kids that their myth-laden propaganda is right precisely because it isn't what their parents are saying.

Literally! They use phrases like "repeating the mistakes of our parents" and "if anything can be said of our generation, it’s this: We want sexy back. Our parent’s generation, well, they lost it."

They might as well just come out and say, "Hey, Teenager, we know you are soooo much cooler than your Mom and Dad, and we understand you! So come on over and take a hit of what we're selling."

What they're selling is unscientific clap-trap. Take, for example, the warning that "artificial contraception has ... increased the global rate of HIV, seriously harmed the environment, screwed up relationships, and is strongly correlated with increased divorces, abortions, and unplanned pregnancies."

Um, that would be no, nope, uh uh, what in the heck?, and absolutely false. Consider yourself warned: that's just the tip of the iceberg! You might want to take 1flesh apart piece by piece with your kids.

What kind of bizarre myths about sex have you heard come out of your kids' mouths?


Image via 1Flesh

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