'Bridesmaids' Producer Judd Apatow Gives Teen Girls Advice on Weightloss & Love (VIDEO)

judd apatowWe all love writer/director/funny man Judd Apatow for bringing us movies like Bridesmaids, Knocked Up, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but now there's a more heartwarming reason to bow to the throne of Apatow. The latest installment of "Ask a Grown Man" from Rookiemag, which in the past has featured Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, and BJ Novack, now shows Judd doling out advice to teenage girls.

He talks body image, guys' gossip habit, how to dump someone, how to avoid being crazy, and he even sings. Watch.


His answers are honest and pretty much on point. If you "change" who you are for someone else, you become a crazy person, and that's not good for anyone; dumping someone sucks no matter what; and magic only happens once or twice in your life. Solid points, if you ask me.

I don't know what it's like to be a teenager these days, but maybe if you show this to your teen, they'll think you're cool and, by default, take Judd's good advice? Maybe? Or perhaps they'll slam the door in your face and tell you that the Internet is sooooo last year. Either way, it's worth a go.

How do you talk to your teens about these issues?


Photo via laughingsquid/Vimeo

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