Dad’s Thoughtful Graduation Gift to Daughter Is an Inspiration to All Parents

oh, the places you'll goTalk about planning ahead! Bryan Martin is basically the most clever, thoughtful parent ever for coming up with an amazing high school graduation gift for his daughter -- 13 years ago, when she was in kindergarten! High school senior Brenna Martin got a copy of the classic Dr. Seuss book Oh, the Places You'll Go as her graduation present. Not because her dad gave her a Dr. Seuss book to congratulate her on that high school diploma, but because of what was written inside the book.

In between the lines of rhyming text were handwritten messages from every single teacher Brenna ever had in school ... ever! See what I mean about this guy being clever and thoughtful?!


It's the kind of thing I wish I'd thought of when either of my kids were still in kindergarten. (I'm not sure this idea would be quite so poignant if every teacher since, say, second grade wrote a message.) But it's still inspiring. I would love to be able to hand my daughter or son a gift like the one Bryan gave Brenna. I would love to think of a gift so personal and precious that it actually conveyed even a fraction of the intense love I have for my kids.

Brenna, who cried when her dad gave her the book, called it "moving, touching, nostalgic, and thoughtful." Wow. How many high school seniors are that comfortable expressing their emotions -- particularly about anything concerning parents?! I would be so honored if one of my kids ever said something like that about a gift from me.

Have you ever given your kid a gift like this one?


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