High School Hazing Letter Warns of Beatings & Sex Abuse Kids Will Face (VIDEO)

malibu highPink eye and strep alerts are one thing. But Malibu High parents were shocked when school officials sent home a hazing warning, stating that their kids could be beaten.

In a letter from the principal, they were told that incoming freshman may be hazed either this weekend or the next as part of an annual, unauthorized "initiation" organized by older students.


Since the intended 8th grade targets can't drive, 11th graders usually chauffeur them. For boys, this rite of passage usually involves violence, including paddling. For the girls, it means wearing a bathing suit and being covered in cat food or sticky liquids, rolled in the sand, and then getting hosed off. 

"We have been told that there is lewd, inappropriate sexual conduct," the letter also said. "Girls are humiliated and harassed. This is a dangerous situation, and we need your support in bringing this to a stop."

Administrators never know exactly when and where it will happen. Of course plenty of students know the details, but the kid code of silence has made putting an end to this horror nearly impossible.

And as appalling as the teen torment may be, what is just as shocking is how well organized this thing is. Locations are scouted and selected, victims are chosen, and event details are given to the student body so they can come and watch. It’s like some sick, sad spectator sport. Honestly, if these kids put as much effort and energy into their studies, they would be geniuses!

Watch Malibu High students talk about the time-honored torture here:

Do you think this is harmless fun or a serious threat to student safety?


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