7 Best Things About Your Kid's Texting Addiction

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As the mom of a text-happy tween, I know I'm supposed to respond with a hearty, "Hear, hear!" to reports about how texting is a teen epidemic and our kids are never going to learn how to have a proper conversation or write in complete sentences or speak out loud.

But you know something? I don't. To be completely honest, I'd rather have my kid texting than talking on her phone 24/7. And not merely because I don't buy into all the hype about how these kids today won't know how to make eye contact with other human beings or that there aren't actually any words spelled with both numbers AND letters.

I prefer my daughter let her thumbs do the talking because I actually believe there are benefits to texting


Here are the 7 best things about your kid's texting addiction:

1. You don't have to listen those endless one-sided gab-fests punctuated with eardrum-piercingly loud exclamations. (He said WHAT?! Shut up!! SERIOUSLY?! No way!!)

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2. Everything your kid and her friends tell each other is on record. Not that you'd ever read her texts or anything. You'd never in a million years invade her privacy like that! Ahem.

3. Less brain tumor-inducing radiation straight to your kid's head.

4. Improved digital dexterity from constant finger exercise will pay off in piano/flute/etc. lessons!

5. Texting your kid reminders ("Don't forget to study for tomorrow's test!") is the easiest, most passive-aggressive form of parental nagging ever.

6. Instant access to photographic evidence whenever you need a back-up: But I swear I unloaded the dishwasher before I left the house! Oh yeah? Not according to this pic!

7. No need to yell when you need your kid to come from another part of the house: Time 4 dinner.

Is your kid addicted to texting?


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