Enraged Mom Chokes Daughter's Bully Over Facebook Comments

Debbie Piscitella

Some moms you just don't mess with.

Debbie Piscitella made it to the top of that list after choking the bully who was allegedly tormenting her 13-year-old daughter McKenna over the Internet.

“The boy tells my daughter that she is a fat f*****g whale and didn’t deserve to live because she is so nasty that he wouldn’t even rape her,” the Florida mom explained on Facebook.


So when she and McKenna ran into the bully while shopping at the St. Petersburg mall, Piscitella decided to confront the supposed teen tyrant. She told Good Morning America:

I said, "Stop saying things about my daughter on Facebook," and I did use some expletives, and I was told that he wasn't going to stop and he didn't have to stop. So I lost it. I really, really did.

Rage wasn't her first move, though. She had tried the passive approach, going to school administrators and even the police, but nothing was done. Piscitella reached her limit, she says, when McKenna became so upset she wanted to hurt herself. Then as the unapologetic kid refused to back off, her emotions got the best of her.

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I just snapped. I didn't put both hands on his neck, it was just one hand, yes I shouldn't have done that, but you all do not even come close to understanding all the torment they have put my child through,” she also wrote her Facebook page.

Arrested on child abuse charges a few hours after the scuffle when the boy's mother saw red marks on his neck and called the police, Piscitalla said, “I wish it would have been another route I had taken. I don’t go around doing that to children. I don’t want to sound like I’m a huge monster.”

Monster? The only monster in this tale is that bully. Is attacking a child wrong? Obviously. But I can see why this mom became so enraged. The kid showed this adult just as much disrespect as he did to her daughter. He made it clear the torture was not going to end.

We can all relate to some degree. How many times have you spied a bully on the playground and wished you could give him or her a taste of their own medicine.

How many times have we read bullying stories that ended in the victim's suicide and wondered if something more could have been done? This mom feared for her daughter's life so she did what came instinctively -- defend and protect her child. I am not saying what she did was legally right, but I absolutely understand her reaction.

Listen to details about the bullying and attack here: 

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Do you think Piscitella was in the wrong for attacking her daughter's bully?

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