Tips for Keeping Your Kids' 'Tech Time' In Check (VIDEO)

kristen chase showBack in the day, The Talk used to refer to the super-awkward birds-and-bees chat every parent dreads having with their kid. Now, there's another "talk" parents wish they could avoid ... The Tech Talk. As in texting and Internet usage and parental controls and what's acceptable and what's potentially life-altering-ly NOT acceptable.

No fun at all, right? Especially considering most of us moms are just as tech-addicted as our kids.

It's The Kristen Chase Show to the rescue!

On this episode, Kristen checks in with Jen Singer, mom of two teens and editor-in-chief of, to find out how parents should approach The Tech Talk and why it's so important.


Singer makes plenty of great points (I love her anecdote about the Cub Scouts in the back of her car texting pics of their nostrils). As the mom of an almost-11-year-old, I particularly appreciated her "they're never too young" advice.

Here are a few other helpful tips to remember:

1. DO monitor your kid's digital use. Sometimes parental controls just don't cut it!

2. DO use tech as a reward. Instead of an allowance, kids can earn time online or playing video games.

3. DON'T give in to tech pressures. So what if all the other second-graders have iPhones?

4. DO set an example with your own tech use. If you're texting during dinner, don't expect anything different from your kids.

Have you had The Tech Talk with your kids?

Image via CafeMom Studios/YouTube

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